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Marfrig working to boost exports to Malaysia

With a presence in most countries visited by the Asia Mission of Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry through the units of its Keystone Division, Marfrig supports efforts to strengthen Brazilian exports to the continent

São Paulo, October 10 – Marfrig Global Foods, a leading global protein producer, is supporting actions by the Brazilian government to boost fresh beef exports to Asia and plans to increase shipments to the Asian countries in which it operates. With the recently announced expansion of Malaysia’s market for Brazilian beef products, the outlook is for the beef exports by Marfrig’s Beef Division to enable it to reduce costs and mitigate the operational risks of its processed foods producer, the Keystone Division, in the country.

Working together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Marfrig executives participated in the successful Asia Mission, which aimed to boost exports of Brazilian agricultural products to high-growth Asian markets.

“We’ve already invested in Asia and now we want to strengthen our relations and improve business conditions in various countries, such as Malaysia, where it would be important to expand our access to the market for bone-in beef cuts,” said the Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer of Marfrig Global Foods, José Eduardo de Oliveira Miron. Today, Malaysia is the largest importer of the product in Southeast Asia.

Keystone Malaysia, the country’s main processor of fully cooked meat, has approximately 900 employees and is already importing fresh Brazilian beef produced by the Beef Division through a 2011 agreement that authorized the shipment of products from two Brazilian primary processing plants, one of which owned by Marfrig. “Of the six countries visited by the Asia Mission, the Keystone Division is already present in China, South Korea and Malaysia, and we can support Brazil in this international expansion,” said Miron. “Expanding access to the Malaysian market will allow us to continue improving our mix of products exported to our Keystone Division as well as to other clients in the region,” concluded the executive.