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Mission, Vision and Values


To supply the best protein globally by forging long-term relationships with our consumers and by creating high quality and safe products, driven by offering the best products to our clients.


To be recognized as the best global proteins company.

This will happen in four ways:

• Growing with our clients, suppliers and partners through innovative products and by operating in the best markets;
• Promoting the company's development and creating value for shareholders;
• Employing a team of motivated employees who are committed to serving the entire production chain with operational excellence and sustainably;
• Respecting the society in which we operate.


1) Focus on the Client

We are fully committed to our internal and external clients and embrace their priorities as ours.

We put all our effort and passion into what we do to serve our clients in all stages of the production chain.

We act with integrity and do what is right with regard to our products and procedures.

2) Simplicity

We employ clarity, objectiveness and simplicity in taking decisions in order to facilitate all our processes. The idea of "less is more" permeates all that we do.

3) Transparency

We don't conceal our problems. Our behavior and conduct are aimed at helping us learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them. We encourage dialogue with our stakeholders, which helps us to foster trust and to improve as professionals and individuals.

4) Respect

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated. We are guided by our ethical principles and are constantly motivated to develop our relationships.

5) Excellence

We constantly strive to offer innovative solutions and pursue excellence in all that we do. We develop these capacities across the entire organization to build the loyalty of our internal and external clients.

6) Entrepreneurship

We are aware of the market scenario in which we operate and adapt to it. We perform our tasks with passion and know how to recover resiliently in the face of adversity. We have a sense of ownership and carefully manage our processes, productivity and resources. We are alert to adapt quickly to needs, problems and opportunities.