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Being a part of Marfrig Beef means being on a team of over 21,000 people who are passionate about building a reputable global company committed to satisfying its clients, consumers, suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders.

The constant pursuit of excellence, quality and innovation is what drives Marfrig, which is why it needs talented professionals who are motivated to overcome every challenge.

To those who choose to be a part of this movement, Marfrig offers opportunities for professional development and career advancement and works to ensure a stimulating workplace guided by well-being and quality of life.

Around 21,000 employees

Over 17,000 in Brazil and approximately 4,000 abroad


Initiative to support the professional initiation and training of students from 14 to 24 years of age, who are hired to work after their day at high school or technical school ends. In addition to developing these young professionals, the program also instills in them a sense of professional responsibility as well as technical knowledge in various fields. The youth also receive guidance on their career, ethics, health and citizenship.

"Being a young apprentice at Marfrig goes beyond just learning how to conduct myself on the job to include guidance on how to become a great professional."

Natalia De Souza Ferreira, apprentice at the unit in Itupeva (SP)

"The program gave me a whole new outlook on what I want for my personal and professional life. I learned that I have a career path to follow. My leaders believe in my potential, believe in me and I know that I can be an even better professional."

Ana Clara Gomes Pereira, apprentice at the unit in TangarĂ¡ da Serra (MT)


The Marfrig Trainee program seeks to attract recent graduates and foster leadership development in-house. Over 12 months, participants are accompanied by a manager and receive on-the-job training in various areas of Marfrig Beef. As a final assignment, they are challenged to develop a project linked to the Company's objectives. In the last edition (2015-16), 8,114 applications were submitted, from which 11 youth were selected.

Trainees 2016

"Marfrig is a Company that values my ideas and contributes to my personal and professional growth."

Bernardo Zanetti, Trainee 2016


"Marfrig means overcoming challenges, persevering and never giving up."

Rodrigo Pompeu, Trainee 2016

"Marfrig means learning and having innovative ideas every day for our production processes, transforming them into projects."

Cintia Franco, Trainee 2016

"At Marfrig, you roll up your sleeves, face down challenges and play an active role in one of the world's best protein producers."

Gabriel Bartholomeu, Trainee 2016

Inclusion Program

The Inclusion Program at Marfrig Beef seeks to find jobs for persons with disabilities. The initiative includes vocational training and guidance on the topic of disabilities. It also strengthens Marfrig's efforts to promote diversity and offer equal opportunities for professional development to those wishing to work part time.